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CW-1910T Nonwoven cleaning cloth cnc co2 laser cutting machine

high cutting accuracy laser machine with network table/keep clean cutting edges special for fabric

  1. Exclusive process development to avoid the problem of traditional laser cutting with yellow or dark edge.

  2. High-performance motherboard with anti-jamming feature can output more complete data. And machine is with power-off continuous carving, slope carving function.

  3. Fast curve cutting function. Any curve can be cut continuously in rapid succession.

  4. With power, frequency and speed following function, it effectively reduces corner burrs; corner energy following technology makes sharp angle cutting technology more perfect.

  5. The software design path can be optimized as needed to reduce processing time and improve efficiency.

  6. CCD cameras, stainless steel baseboard or other parts could be added to meet the requirements and improve the efficiency  


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Adopting the third generation of highly intelligent control system, fully automatic control, high-precision positioning, one-time forming, smooth and smooth edges

Compared with traditional crafts, the products are more beautiful and beautiful, more efficient and more economical.

Since the laser does not come into contact with the surface of the object during the cutting and engraving process, it guarantees that each product is of the highest quality and enhances the competitiveness of the enterprise.


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