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Laser Cutting Plastic Foils and Films

Film materials suitable for laser cutting

Material AbbreviationTrade names 
Polyester PESThermolite® Polarguard®
Polyethylene terephthalatePETMylar®
PolycarbonatePCLexan® Makrolon®


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Covering Film Laser Cutting Machine

Adopting high-performance UV laser cold light source,and high precision CCD image positioning technology,laser cutting machine use the independent research and development of visual laser control software, perfectly complete FPC, PCB shape cutting, contour cutting, drilling and superfinishing of composite film window opening.

The machine is used for laser precision cutting of FPC, PCB, hard and soft bonding board, FR4, covering film, ITO, silicon wafer, ceramic and other products.

1. Used for covering film cutting

After the cover film is opened, the edge of the cut cover film is neat and round, smooth and free of burrs and overflows. However ,If use mold and other machining methods to do window opening, may be near the window will exist the burr and overflow left after punching , the burr and overflow of the glue after bonding pressing on the pad is difficult to remove, directly affect the quality of the subsequent coating.

2.Used for FPC/PCB cutting

Only according to the computer dispatched drawing,the machine complete high precision and high speed cutting,making laser cutting surface smooth without burr. At the same time, its production is not limited by processing quantity.For small batch processing services, laser processing is cheaper, helping us to win the market competition in time and cost.  

3. Used for cutting rigid flexible plates and uncovering cutting

4. Used for cutting silicon wafers, ceramics and other materials.

5.Suitable for fine direct molding on copper layer of circuit board surface.


FPC Laser Cutting Machine Features:

1. Control software with independent intellectual property rights, user-friendly interface, complete functions and simple operation;

2.Can be processed into any graphics, cutting different thickness and different materials, can be layered and completed synchronously;

3.The optimized optical system design ensures the high beam quality, reduces the size of focusing spot, and ensures the machining accuracy.

4. High-performance ultraviolet laser with short wavelength, high beam quality and high peak power. Because ultraviolet light resorts decomposition, vaporization methods rather than melting to achieve the processing of the material, so after processing there is almost no burr, thermal effect is small, no stratification, cutting effect is precise, smooth and steep side wall.

5.Using vacuumize method to fix the sample, no need to fix the mold or protection plate, convenient and quick, improve the processing efficiency.


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