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CW/P-1610TT Shoe upper drawing cutting machine

shoe upper leather cutting machine

The drawing machine has an automatic loading and unloading device. After the upper line is automatically drawn, the machine will automatically draw and cut the pieces to send out; The line drawing machine has a high degree of automation. 

The worker only needs to place the coil on the machine, and automatically draws the material to perform high-speed scribing after super-discharging, and finishes the line for precise laser cutting, and cuts the feeding; It adopts imported high-speed spray valve, which is suitable for various types of inks: 

ink with high temperature disappearing ink and water disappearing ink, which is used for the automatic disappearing mark line of the upper. There are also fluorescent inks, inks that never disappear from ink and other special functions. Customers can choose according to their needs; 

 The upper marking ink is customized with an exclusive formula. The color disappears at a high temperature of 60 ° C, and the color is not restored at a low temperature of -10 ° C;

 The automatic intelligent line drawing machine has a line speed of 800-2000mm/s, which saves the enterprise all the cost of marking the manual and die.  


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Automatic intelligent line drawing, cutting laser cutting machine, an automatic intelligent upper line drawing and cutting equipment developed for the shoe upper automatic drawing line, used to replace the artificial line (manually use the silver pen to mark on the upper) Traditional craftsmanship such as thread) and screen printing. There are many drawbacks to the artificial upper marking line. Manual drawing requires a large amount of labor, high cost; low efficiency and low precision; high cost of consumables, some special materials can not even be marked with silver pen lines; screen printing also has many shortcomings: low screen printing efficiency; The version of the consumables is huge; the labor costs are high and the environment is polluted.   


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