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Wood Crafting Laser Machines

CW-1390 Wood MDF cnc CO2 acrylic laser engraving cutting machine

Wood cutting and engraving are two of the most popular applications for the laser because they can encompass so many different projects. From cabinetry to photo frames to knife handles, Chanxan Laser systems are used in almost every woodworking category you will run across. Whether you are working with hardwoods, veneers, inlays, mdf, plywood, walnut, alder, or cherry, you can engrave amazingly intricate images with a laser system.


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Well produced CO2 Laser cut machine laser engraver 1390 for wood MDF 

wood crafting laser machines

Main wood types suitable for laser processing

Soft woodsSoft woods such as poplar or balsa can be cut and engraved faster by using a lower power level. The engraving process will produce less contrast if the wood being used is lighter.
Hard woodHard woods including cherry or oak are typically denser, which will require higher power levels for engraving and cutting. Compared to soft woods, this type of wood will offer more contrast when engraved.
Coniferous woodsConiferous woods such as fir or larch are not suitable for laser engraving because of its hard density and uneven grains. The surrounding wood ("non-graining") is quite soft on the other hand, which makes it rather difficult to find optimal laser parameters.
VeneersVeneered wood consists of real wood on the surface, so it is able to be engraved similarly to solid wood panels.
PlywoodPlywood is composed of typically three or more layers of wood, with grain that is glued and pressed at a 90° angle. Plywood is offered in various types including a wide range of color, texture, and thickness. The glue that is used to manufacture the plywood is important for laser processing, especially when cutting the material. Select plywood panels made with white-glue, or that is otherwise marketed specifically for laser processing.
MDF (Medium density fiberboard)MDF is a uniform wood-based material composed of finely defibrated, mainly bark-free, softwood, which is gently pressed in the transverse and longitudinal directions. The surface and edges of MDF are typically firm and smooth, which makes it ideal for laser cutting and engraving. However, it should be noted that the cutting edges become very dark during laser processing.

Special applications: Inlays and relief engraving

Wood Crafting Laser Machines

Relief engraving on wood

Wood is an ideal material for relief engraving. When processing a relief engraving, the grayscales adapt to different laser power levels resulting in three-dimensional engravings. Several passes can be processed with relatively high-performance, and then only one or two passes cleaning are required to remove any smoke residue produced.

Wood Crafting Laser Machines

Inlays in wood

Wood inlays such as intarsia are extremely popular with woodworking, and typically various woods are laid flat so that s smooth surface with variations of color and structure are created. Commonly, the base material is engraved first followed by the material to be laid (usually veneer), which is then cut and inserted. When laser processing the veneer, ensure that the laser beam width (cutting gap) is properly adjusted so that the carrier is slightly larger.

Application show

(1)Wood craft cut and engrave:

wood crafting laser machines

(2) Acrylic cut and engrave:

wood crafting laser machines

1. We supply 2 years warranty. You can come our factory to learn the wood laser cutting machine, it’s free of charge.  

2. Operation manual and train video of wood laser engraving machine are available.  

3. Online face to face training is offered. Our engineers can speak English.  

4. 24 hours technical support is available.  

5. Quality inspect team will fully check and test the wood laser cutter before shipment to ensure high performance and high stability.

6. Wood laser cutter price is affordable as we are a factory.


(1) How to choose a right machine?

Please share your material and application to us. We will recommend the right wood laser cutting machine.

(2) Is the software free?

Yes, the software of the wood laser engraving machine is free.

(3) Is the wood laser cutter easy to use?

Yes, wood laser cutter is easy to operate. We supply operation manual and video.

You can operate the machine in two days with our assist.

(4) How much of the wood laser cutter price?

Wood laser cutter price is depend on the machine size and laser power. 

so please share the size and thickness of your material.

(5) welcome your inquiry if any other questions..

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