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Chanxan laser marker for PCB assembly

Inline PCB laser marking machine

In-Line machine designed for printing letters, barcodes (1D & 2D), serial numbers, and lot more.

  • Conveyor unit is designed to be highly accurate with high speed achieved by X-Y servo motor.

  • Semi-permanent and it has no replacement parts.

  • Average working time 30,000 hours (MTBF)

+86 18255564088

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The system is specially designed for laser marking of printed circuit boards. The unit can be used both as part of a conveyor line and as a stand-alone machine.

Thanks to the use of a laser with a mirror scan, it is possible to achieve a large marking area up to 350×350 mm without the need for separate servo drives to move the laser.

This laser design guarantees high speed marking of a large number of printed circuit boards. The text / type of marking and its position are easily programmed using the PC-based software supplied with the marker. Optionally, to enable marking on double-sided PCBs, the unit can be equipped with an inverter for flipping the PCB.


  •  Marking text, 2D barcodes, graphics.

  •  Large marking area.

  •  Quick changeover of the installation.

  •  PC based control.

  •  Uninterruptible power supply.

  •  Fixing the PCB along the edge.


  •  Automatically change the conveyor width.

  •  Built-in inverter for working with double-sided PCBs.

  •  Verification of applied codes using the built-in camera.

  •  Connecting to a network database.

  •  Built-in filtration system to remove laser fumes.

Laser typeCO2, 10 Watt, air cooled
Laser wavelength10.63 μm
Laser classGrade 4
Marking area350х350 mm
Conveyor typebelt
Conveyor speed24 m / min
PP transportation timeless than 5 seconds
OS on PCWindows XP
Monitor17 ” flat high definition
Free space above / below PP30/30 mm
Conveyor directionleft to right
Pipeline interfaceSMEMA
Power Supply230 Volts, 50 Hz, single phase
Power Consumptionmaximum 1600 VA
Compressed Air5 bar, 20 liters / min
PP length80 – 508 mm
PP Width65 – 460 mm
PCB thickness0.6 – 4 mm
Dimensions745х1558х1752 mm
Weight550 kg
Noise levelmax. 65 dB

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