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CWD Automatic genuine laser cutting machine

Best economical co2 laser cutting machine for customers

The mechanical system adopts an integrated design close to ergonomics, which is convenient and comfortable to operate. The motion system adopts high-quality linear guide rails; the movement track is smooth and delicate, and the speed precision is greatly improved. The cooling and cooling system is configured to ensure that the equipment operates continuously for 24 hours even during the hot season. The optical system uses high-reflection and high-transmission lenses, and the beam quality is constant and detailed. 

 Powerful software editing function, simple interface operation; manual/automatic integrated operation design, providing convenient and quick operation mode for different processing needs: acceleration/deceleration/constant speed interchangeable design, suitable for different material cutting; processing quantity preset and statistics Function settings for user workload scheduling. Compatible with software such as CORELDRAW, AUTOCAD, PHOTOSHOP.


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Wedding dresses, dresses; personalized fabric sofas; tailor-made apparels; outdoor products (tents, etc.); auto interior decorations; home textiles and A variety of textile for customized products.  


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