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PCB 雷 射 切割 機

雷 射 微 孔 加工

UV 紫外奈秒雷射切割機
Green 綠光奈秒雷射切割機

PCB 奈秒雷射切割機: 本是具有極細化光路設計的精密切割系統,針對線路板(FPC/PCB/FPCB)、FPM/CCM模組、TF卡、覆蓋膜等其他納秒鐳射加工產品,具有高精度、無碳化、較低的熱影響及熱應力,切割效率高,穩定性好等特點 。


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Ø高性能橋式運動平臺:Cycle Time效率更高,工作範圍廣,高速直線電機加工平臺;
ØAdopting marble precision platform: high stability, corrosion resistance, no deformation and high precision;
ØModular design of light source: It can be matched with nanosecond lasers such as fiber, green light and ultraviolet light according to different product applications;
ØHigh-performance bridge motion platform: Cycle Time is more efficient, has a wide working range, and high-speed linear motor processing platform;
ØIntelligent vision application: CCD automatic alignment to identify various types of Mark points, auto focus, high-precision identification system;
ØOperation management system: production line operation monitoring, parameter recording, cutting efficiency, processing status, capacity calculation and other functions;
ØHigh-precision optical path system: high beam quality, small focused spot, high cutting quality, low drift micron cutting accuracy;

Short Laser Pulses – Nondamaging Material Processing

Laser Ablation with Practically No Heat Input

In laser technology, the shorter the laser pulse, the lower the heat input into the surrounding material. With a picosecond laser, an important hurdle is over-come: there is practically no heat transfer; the targeted material evaporates immediately.

Specialist for Micromaterial Processing

This thermal effect is important for both the cutting and the surface processing of temperature-sensitive materials. The laser offers a very high pulse energy for cutting, for example, ceramic materials such as Al2O3 or GaN without discoloring the materials in the machin-ing process. Thanks to the low heat input, no micro-cracks arise in the material.

Perfect Surfaces

Also for surface processing applications such as ablation of transparent thin films or detachment of metal layers on plastic foils, a very stable laser input at a low laser power is required. The machine can easily straddle these diverging requirements. Standard FR4 and laminated HF materials can be processed just as well with this machine.

Easy to Operate

The high-precision software and the integrated cam-era are supported by the user-friendly Chanxan software. This enables the user to complete projects on challenging materials in the in-house lab in a very short time.

UV Laser Scribing Machine Cell Laser Cutting Machine

UV Laser Scribing Machine Cell Laser Cutting Machine


UV Laser Scribing Machine Cell Laser Cutting Machine 


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