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2009.9 Yang Zhenwei, the founder, established "Chanwei Laser" in B02, 4th Building of Wuzhong Mall, Wuzhong District, Suzhou, China

2009.10 First set of Laser cutting machine produced which was used for cloth cutting. Up until now, first generation still remains high quality and is used in many fields.


2010.4 Laser cutting idea promoted to all garments lines, Chanxan upgraded to a new level of manufacture.

2010.6 CW-1509, the first machine sold out, Chanxan stepped out from laser manufacturing to laser machine selling.

2010.8 Company moved to No. 6 of Wuzhong Road due to expansion of business.

2010.12 Laser cutting idea well accepted, Chanxan took the leading role in Suzhou.


2011.3 First set of laser marking machine designed, Chanxan stepped into the laser marking machine field.

2011.8 First set of semi-conductor laser marking machine and created a new field in nonmetal marking business.

2011.12 Chanxan reached 5 million Yuan revenue from CW series laser cutting machine and CX series laser marking machine in and around Suzhou in garments and shoes industry, taking the leading role in China east market.


2012.3 Suzhou Chanxan Laser Technology established from Chanwei Laser.

2012.4 Company moved to No. 65, Chanxan expanded factory to 2000 square meters to ensure 400 sets of products each year.

2012.5 Chanxan Laser bran was registered which represents the new façade of Chanxan. Changes in new era is what Chanxan welcomed. From then on, CW

2012.9 Chanxan Laser developed the first fiber laser marking machine which has smoother and preciser beam.

2012.12 Chanxan Laser marched into craft business and established office in Anji, Zhejiang


2013.1 Chanxan Laser established R&D department which strengthened the technology appliance in laser machine.

2013.3 Chanxan Laser achieved CX series marking machine's whole set service from design, producing to selling.

2013.6 Chanxan Laser established global sales department which extended its products and service abroad.

2013.8 High precision RF co2 cutting machine developed, Chanxan Laser's influence in high precision machinery increased.

2013.12 General Sales department and general product department as the basic structure, Chanxan reached a new level on company management


2014.3 Chanxan Laser achieved SG series marking machine's whole set service from design, producing to selling.

2014.6 First customized assemble line laser manufacturing machine was delivered to client and received great acceptance.

2014.6 Chanxan Laser is the first one who applied co2 fiber conducting technology into machines and brought reform in relevant industries.

2014.10 Made-in-China high power co2 glass tube past the beta test, and was applied into many fields.


2015.1 First dynamic laser marking machine was developed, which is used for sample making and craft manufacturing.

2015.4 Assemble line marking machine, customized laser machine were promoted in large scale which brings more appliance of laser in relevant

2015.9 Co2 3d cutting technology is applied into machines.

2015.11 Breakthrough on sales of the first fiber laser cutting machine was achieved.


2016.1 Chanxan laser upgraded all products and expanded its applying field.

2016.5 Chanxan laser had gained 30 more patents

2016.10 Chanxan laser won certificate "High Tech Product"

2016.12 Chanxan laser won certificate "Jiangsu Private Technology Enterprise"


2017.3 Chanxan established Vietnam Branch which increased international influence

2017.5 Chanxan made breakthrough on furniture and shoemaking industry and cherished a core competence.

2017.9 Chanxan Laser products were used in more than 100 countries.

2017.12 Chanxan laser won certificate "Chinese High Tech Enterprise"


Chuangxuan Laser's various patent applications exceeded 100 items.

Established a non-standard business department and established a dust-free laboratory.


Chuangxuan Laser started to build a production base of 30,000 square meters.


In 2024, Chanxan's five production bases, Suzhou, Nanjing, Guangdong, North Vietnam, and South Vietnam, will be officially put into production.