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Application of laser drilling and marking technology for composite packaging materials

Publish Time: Nov. 08, 2021


The laser drilling and marking technology of easy tearing line has completely changed the machining way of gear pressing hole and greatly improved the machining limitation of easy tearing line.

Laser drilling technology in film soft bag plastic packaging applications, compared with the traditional processing methods, laser punching technology can choose a single film layer for fine punching in flexible packaging, can be combined according to the free way or carried out in accordance with the packaging and printing design outline line, it not only ensures flexible packaging clean easy tear effect, And can also maintain the integrity of the film, so that the outer film is intact and not damaged, so as to effectively prevent the emergence of light and moisture problems in the packaging of goods.

Laser scribing focuses laser energy on the thin film layer to be scribed without damaging the entire film. Because composite films such as PET, PP or PE have different characteristics of absorbing and emitting carbon dioxide laser wavelengths, when one layer absorbs laser energy and disappears, the other material layer remains 100% intact without any impact. In addition, aluminum foil or other metal-coated films act as a barrier that blocks laser light from reaching other layers of material. So the characteristics of these materials can make laser technology on the packaging material for accurate positioning, marking.

PET composite bag laser drilling machine

Chanxan laser PET composite bag laser punching machine, the equipment is suitable for PE, PVC, PET and other film materials, suitable for soft film laser marking in beverage, food, seed, grain and oil industries and other fields.

Application of laser drilling and marking technology for composite packaging materials

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