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Fabric laser wash machine

Publish Time: Aug. 20, 2019



From the 19th century to the present

No matter how fashion trends flow

Only the cowboy is enduring

Under the integration of denim and laser technology with centuries-old culture

Give the cowboy a new visual feast and popular theme

Create a cowboy style with a variety of styles and unconventional styles






The laser beam draws a pattern on the surface of the denim as if it were painted on a blank sheet

Take the color of blue sea and blue sky as a pigment

Indigo, gray-blue, azure... blues of different shades intertwined

Whether it's fashion avant-garde or youthful and lively cowboy style

Denim laser water washing machine can easily interpret





The laser process achieves a natural transition and a fine texture.

Embellished plain and simple denim

Bring vivid color contrast and uniqueness

Ingenious transfer of color relationship between print and denim






The traditional cowboy processing technology with serious pollution and complicated and complicated has become a thing of the past.

It is followed by advanced environmentally friendly denim laser washing equipment.

Greatly reduced pollutant emissions

Comply with the current development trend of the green economy






Laser technology on denim fabric

Subverting the inherent perception of traditional denim

At the same time, it also provides imagination for denim clothing design.

Make the color, texture and presentation of denim clothing gradually richer

Denim laser water washing machine, a new chapter in denim fashion


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Fabric laser wash machine                
Jeans laser washer   

Safe and environmentally friendly fully enclosed design

Double motion system realizes double station interactive feeding

1300mm*1300mm graphic projection positioning

Modular design, freely available

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