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laser cutter for vinyl records

Publish Time: Aug. 14, 2019


laser cutter for vinyl records

In the 20th century, vinyl records occupied almost the entire music market.

Have carried countless memories of music

Mentioned vinyl records

People can't help but think of the old days.

Laser technology blends vinyl records with wall clocks

Let the old vinyl record shine again

Record laser cutting machine, glow vinyl record new function

laser cutter for vinyl records

The laser cutting process breaks through the single shape of the traditional wall clock

Exquisite cutouts and sharp edges add a sense of depth

Looking at the clock, it seems as if the low voice of the phonograph is echoing in the ear.

There is a fantasy enjoyment of time and space

Vinyl record clock playing time lapse

The stylus slides over the laser hollowing out the surface of each track

Sliding through the dusty time and space

It’s time to leave, leaving the story


A piece of vinyl record under the transformation of the laser cutting machine

Started a new life journey

Let the years go by, silent vinyl records

Still leaving the original memory for you

laser cutter for vinyl records

Laser cutting machine gives the era a new era of function and meaning

Maybe you don't have a chance to put a vinyl record machine at home.

But you can use laser to cut the vinyl wall clock

Add a smart touch to the living space

Listening to the snoring of the second hand

Enjoy a slow, romantic and soulful life

laser cutter for vinyl records

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