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Interior Car Design-Laser Cut Industrial Design

Publish Time: Oct. 11, 2022


Leather Car Seat Cover Laser Cutting Equipment For Automotive Upholstery · Sofa Furniture Leather Laser Cutting Machine Cutting Speed 0 - 50000mm \ Min.

Interior Car Design-Laser Cut Industrial Design  

In the application field of automotive laser marking, the laser marking machine can accurately draw pictures and texts for automotive interior products such as leather, cloth, wood, and synthetic materials, including logo addition, personalized graphics, and wonderful carvings. For example, lasers are used to mark graphics on steering wheels, seat belts, floor mats and other products to increase the decoration of the products and create a more refined and fashionable car interior experience.

In the field of automotive laser cutting applications, the automotive interior laser cutting machine can flexibly process automotive interior products such as seat cushions, seat covers, neck pillows, pillows, brake covers, and gear covers. The laser cutting machine can flexibly draw and cut according to the interior dimensions of different models, so as to improve the processing efficiency of products.

Laser Cutting Machine on Automotive Interiors

In the field of automotive airbag processing, automotive interior laser cutting machines can help airbag manufacturers simplify operations, control cutting quality, and achieve product processing accuracy and speed. By properly controlling the power of the laser cutting machine, the multiple layers of the airbag can be accurately cut, thereby improving the flexibility and safety of product processing and greatly shortening the delivery time.

Laser Cutting and Marking of Automotive Interior Upholstery

Not only that, many sub-industries of the automotive industry can also use laser numerical control equipment, whether it is a laser cutting machine, a laser engraving machine, or a laser marking machine, in the booming modern automotive industry, all have great prospects. Yes, the car interior laser cutting machine makes you feel like a duck to water in the car decoration industry.


Interior Car Design-Laser Cut Industrial Design

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