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Laser cut carpet

Publish Time: Oct. 11, 2022


Cutting sizes and shapes of various carpets, mats and rugs with laser cutter. Its high efficiently and high performance will improve production quality

Car Seat Cushion Laser Cutting Machine

 It is mainly designed for the cutting of automotive interior materials such as car seat covers, and can be used for cutting various automotive interior materials within a width of 1600mm.

The crawler-type working platform is selected, and the automatic feeding device is used to realize continuous and precise feeding and cutting.



Continuous splicing function, the graphics that cannot be completely cut in one version will be automatically delayed to the next version to be completely cut, the small parts inside the graphics and the outer frame are cut in the same feeding, the auxiliary intelligent typesetting system can maximize the effective and rational use of materials .

Laser cut carpet

4. The function of continuous cutting after power off, the equipment can automatically remember the cutting state after power off, and can continue to cut from the same place after power on.

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