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Laser cut christmas ornaments

Publish Time: Oct. 10, 2022


Laser cut snowflakes can be used as an upcoming Christmas decoration to set off the winter atmosphere perfectly.

Using the current advanced CCD camera positioning and non-contact cutting process, it completes automatic positioning and cutting on acrylic materials, which adds a intelligent atmosphere to Christmas trees and fawns.


Wood, as a carrier of emotion, has a strong sense of solid wood. Using laser for precise marking and cutting to match with the Christmas tree.


In addition, the pull flower and the colored ball is also one of the indispensable decorative items for Christmas. The laser marking machine emits an energy beam, leaving a festive mark on the smooth surface, making Christmas decoration more versatile!


Thanks to the laser cutting process with an accuracy of up to millimeters, the lightweight paper has a variety of decorative gestures at Christmas. Or a paper lantern hanging overhead, or a paper Christmas tree placed before the Christmas dinner, or a "clothing" wrapped around a cupcake, or a Christmas tree clinging to a goblet, or snuggling The little bell on the edge of the cup...


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