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Laser cut woven label

Publish Time: Oct. 09, 2022


Laser Cut Patches, Labels And Appliques,Adding a camera to laser cutters makes it the ideal cutting tool to work on patches, labels, and appliques.

Woven label is an essential element in clothing accessories, also known as label, cloth label, and clothing label. The woven label trademark is mainly to show the clothing characteristics or brand of the clothes, usually English letters or LOGO.


The ingredients of clothing marks are generally polyester, cotton or mixed. The traditional cutting method will have defects such as uneven cutting edges and burrs, which are easy to sting the skin.


Chanxan Laser has launched a camera positioning laser cutting machine suitable for label woven label cutting. As an emerging processing method, laser cutting technology has been widely used in non-metal processing fields such as clothing and home textiles due to its high processing efficiency and high quality.

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