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Laser marking machine for auto parts

Publish Time: Oct. 20, 2022


Laser marking machine for auto parts

Laser marking machines are widely used in auto parts, from body frames, wheel hubs and tires, various hardware components, seat central control, steering wheel dashboards, glass, interiors, lighting, etc., to matching car oil The laser marking machine technology is not only the technical guarantee for the development of new automobile products, but also the guarantee for the anti-counterfeiting effect of automobile manufacturing.

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Laser marking machines ensure low-cost operation with high precision, low deformation, low thermal influence, and high efficiency marking speed and marking quality. Laser marking of auto parts can reduce the number of parts, reduce costs and improve dimensional accuracy, does not require heat treatment, has strong flexibility, and achieves the advantages of high speed.

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Laser marking machines are ideal for creating traceability and tamper-proof identification of motor components or complete vehicles. With hundreds of parts in every vehicle, and nearly every material laser-markable, there's usually a solution to every problem. Some well-established automotive parts marking applications are: transmission component marking, VIN nameplates and identification labels, vehicle glass security code etching, display marking of gauges and switches, two-dimensional matrix marking of motor sports parts, and more.

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