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Laser system cutting car sheets is effortless!

Publish Time: Aug. 06, 2019


Food packaging bags are an important part of commodities. In addition to functions such as preservation, storage and protection of food, information on food sources, food ingredients, food shelf life, storage conditions, etc. can be obtained through the information on the packaging bags. However, factors such as merchandise transportation, contact, etc., ink markings are often prone to "easy to erase, easy to fall off" problems; at the same time, some criminals will erase the production date of the products that have expired, and then spray on the new production date to continue in the market. Selling on the market. This will have a great impact on people's health, but also seriously undermine the market principles.

Laser marking is a marking method that uses a high-energy-density laser to locally illuminate a workpiece to vaporize the surface material or cause a color change, thereby leaving a permanent mark, which has high marking accuracy, high speed, and marking. Clear, environmentally friendly and non-polluting, the entire mark information is depicted on the product packaging, so it is difficult to tamper and counterfeit; but also can establish a linked database system, let us timely track and query the latest trends of the product. Therefore, the packaging bag uses the information marked by the laser marking machine, such as the date of production, the origin of the food and other information; clear, eye-catching, permanent does not fall off, the destruction will destroy the packaging; and environmental protection, no consumables, but also can effectively suppress Lawless elements provide a protective umbrella for mass food safety issues.

Application value of laser marking process in food packaging industry

For example, when a consumer purchases a puffed food, the sealing of the packaging bag is not good enough, the contents of the package are easily spilled, the aging is shortened during the effective period, and some seals are too tight, and it is very difficult to tear along the dotted line, so that it appears to be open. Some foods are difficult to control when they are packaged. It is a trivial matter for the webmaster to consider these factors, but the laser system of the laser marking machine can select a single film layer in the flexible packaging for scribing. In this way, the perfect tearing effect of the flexible packaging is achieved, and the integrity of the film can be maintained, so that the outer film is intact and intact, so that we can effectively prevent problems such as seeing light and moisture in the package.

On the other hand, the aluminum foil layer or other thin film coated with a metal layer acts as a barrier to the laser light from passing through other material layers. Therefore, the characteristics of these materials enable the laser technology to accurately position and scribe on the packaging material. At the same time, the tear line is clearly visible through the human eye, so tearing the package is a breeze for the consumer. Laser scribing and laser perforation technology effectively prevent the expansion of the small holes and avoid damage to the integrity of the package, and can also have good ventilation and moisturizing effects. We have to be shocked by the amazing technology of the laser marking machine.

The laser marking process is widely used in all walks of life, not to mention it, such as in the application of electronics industry, in aerospace technology, in the application of light-transfer buttons for mobile phone accessories, in the application of automotive and motorcycle parts, The application of military products, the application of sanitary ware and the wide application of various metal and non-metal materials such as cosmetics, food packaging, pharmaceutical packaging, jewelry, craft gifts. Needless to say, it has been deeply involved in all aspects of your life.

Nowadays, the laser marking process is combined with the online operation of the production line, which can greatly improve the production efficiency and meet the requirements of industrial production. In today's brand era, the laser marking process can meet the needs of the times.

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