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| First, the status quo

In the traditional processing methods, the processing methods mainly include manual cutting or knife-cutting, etc. The designers use manual plate-making and revision, and then the cutting masters manually repeat the manual work on the fabric as many times as possible. After typesetting and determining the way of saving materials, it is finally possible to draw on the fabric and cut it out according to the lines. This manual cutting method can not ensure the high precision and high quality of the fabric cutting, and it is very easy to produce uneven fabric incisions. The cut is not smooth, the fabric is cut unevenly, etc. Chanxan Lasers, as the leader in domestic laser technology, has maintained a good relationship with the well-known furniture industry in China. In the furniture industry, Chanxan Laser has won more and more recognition from the sofa industry due to its advanced technology.

Sofa custom solution

| Second, the solution

1. Sofa fabric automatic cutting equipment Chanxan laser automatic laser cutting system with automatic typesetting and intelligent change size function, each set of sofa than artificial can save 1-1.5 meters of fabric. The sofa cutting machine adopts the CNC operation form to cut the pieces more standard, and at the same time, the incision is smooth and free from burrs, which has the function of seam locking and improves the production quality of the sofa. Compared with the traditional technology, it has obvious advantages in work efficiency. According to the different styles of sofas, about 15 sets of production can be completed in one day, which is equivalent to 2-3 mature cutting divisions. This not only improves work efficiency, but also improves product quality, saves costs, and makes products more competitive in the market. Automatic sofa cutting machine intelligently resize. The model input to the computer software will automatically generate pieces. Through the software interface, the size can be intelligently changed, and one-click can be completed. The trend of personalized customization for the sofa industry greatly reduces the workload of manually changing the size, and also breaks the Manual patterning repeatability.

Sofa custom solution

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