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Laser marking automotive parts, laser marking metal

| Materials suitable for laser marking

Part tracking and traceability are very important to the automotive and automotive supplier industry.

Auto Parts

Auto Parts



Utilizing Chanxan’s professional automotive interior manufacturing experience, integrating sales and production in one space, shortening the time for ordering and delivery, establishing a faster production process, and bringing the automotive interior manufacturing to the highest point of the market.

Laser marking of automotive parts


Laser marking of automotive parts

To meet the processing needs of different materials and products, from the ring, PU, PU sponge composite, textile fabrics to XPE, imitation leather, whether it is car seat covers, foot pads, padding, Chanxan Laser can help customers in the limited production space And in the shortest delivery time, it can process high-quality and perfect products quickly and accurately.


Laser series:

Mainly used in the production of automobile seat covers, equipped with an automatic feeding system, which can realize the continuous cutting of a whole roll of PU, PU sponge composite materials. If you only produce car seat covers, this is a good choice compared to Blade series saves investment costs.

Laser marking of automotive parts
Laser marking of automotive parts
Flat-bed series

By disposing different types of cutter tools, all automobile interior production materials can be cut, and products such as seat covers, floor mats, and seat cushions can be processed. If only the production floor mats can be configured with fixed table tops, the input cost can be reduced. If a seat cover is to be produced , can configure automatic feeding function, of course, more relevant information please contact us.

Advantages of a Chanxan laser

How can laser applications help alternative energy vehicle manufacturers improve quality and efficiency?

As one of the core components of alternative energy vehicles, the connection quality and service life of power batteries directly affect the performance indicators of electric vehicles. Laser technology is now widely used in the cutting and welding process of power lithium batteries due to its advantages of high energy density, fast welding speed, high processing accuracy, small heat-affected zone and high safety, which can reduce porosity, cracks and pollution and improve processing efficiency

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Laser Cutting Applications  

Traditional cutting processes in lithium battery processing applications are prone to abrasion and burrs, which in turn can lead to safety issues such as short circuits and overheating losses in the battery. Laser cutting offers advantages such as no wear, flexibility, high precision and no contact. This makes the Chanxan laser cutting series ideal for the processing of lithium batteries.

High-speed laser slicing equipment 

For the laser die-cutting and production of battery poles. High production efficiency, belt speed ≥ 50m/min, long term stable operation of the platform 7*24H.

Laser slitting machine

Using a high energy laser, slits rolls of wide battery poles into multiple narrow rolls according to the process requirements. No blade wear, high quality stability,high productivity,low material costs.

Laser Welding Applications

With many years of experience in laser process applications,Chanxan has combined laser welding technology with automation and intelligent systems in power battery manufacturing to create a complete set of laser processing solutions and related supporting facilities.

Battery tray laser welding systems

The large-arm span high-precision 6-axis robot, combined with a high-precision turning machine, performs laser welding of large battery tray parts, improving productivity and achieving energy savings and pollution reduction.

Liquid-filled hole welding equipment
Automatic sealing nail welding process for steel-cased lithium ion battery cells with high productivity, high compatibility, stability, safety and environmental protection.

Fully automatic sealing nail system
For the welding of sealing nails for square- shaped power cells.

Fully automatic top cover system

Using a high energy laser, slits rolls of wide battery poles into multiple narrow rolls according to the process requirements. No blade wear, high quality stability,high productivity,low material costs.

Soft Pack Module Welding Line
Core pack welding for FTW double-ended ears

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Fully automatic assembly and welding equipment for soft pack modules
Used for the assembly, welding and testing of different structures and sizes of battery modules such as soft pack modules.

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