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Textile and clothing fabric industry-leather laser cutting

| Textile and clothing fabric cutting industry-leather laser cutting

| Laser use in the clothing industry

Laser technology is currently widely used in the shoemaking and leather industries. The advantage of laser is that it can quickly engrave and hollow out various patterns
on various leather fabrics, and it is flexible in operation without causing any deformation of the leather surface to reflect the color and texture of the leather itself. It also
has many advantages such as high engraving precision, hollowing out without burrs, and arbitrary shape selection. It is suitable for the needs of processing and manufacturing
manufacturers of shoe uppers, shoe materials, leather goods, handbags, luggage, leather clothing, etc.

Due to the high focus of the laser, the irradiation spot is thin, and the heat diffusion area is small, so it is very suitable for cutting textile fiber fabrics. Specifically, it has a
wide range of processed fabrics, smooth cuts without flash, automatic closing, no deformation, graphics can be designed and output at will through the computer, no die
is needed, etc. This makes laser processing a recognized alternative within the industry.

Laser marking has the characteristics of high marking accuracy, fast speed, and clear marking. It can print various texts, symbols, and patterns on flat surfaces, curved surfaces,
 and flying objects of hard, soft, and brittle products. Laser marking is compatible with the various advantages of laser cutting and engraving. It can be used for precision processing
on metal and organic polymer sheets, and can process small and complex patterns. Printed marks have anti-counterfeiting properties that will never wear out. They can be specially
 used to produce cloth labels, leather labels, metal labels, and various company emblems and LOGOs with complex and fine printed patterns. They are the best choice for brand
clothing and apparel processing.

For a long time, there has been a problem of alignment in the trimming of trademarks, the trimming of embroidery patterns, and the perforated parquet in embroidery patterns.
Accurate and efficient cutting is the common expectation of the industry. The existing automatic visual tracking cutting system is a big step forward based on traditional manual
alignment cutting, and can automatically position and cut by dividing the alignment points. However, random deformation of textile products cannot be automatically corrected,
so a large amount of waste will be produced. Nowadays, the laser automatic identification and edge-finding cutting system can automatically generate a cutting path based on
the edges of the woven trademark graphics, and accurately use the laser to cut along the edges. It can also automatically position and cut and punch the patterns in the embroidery
graphics, thus fundamentally solving the alignment problem.

| Common laser applications in the apparel industry

Laser drilling/hollowing and laser cutting of clothing fabrics/accessories.

Simulated animal leather texture printing, special-shaped leather and genuine leather cutting, leather punching/hollowing in various colors, etc.

Denim creases, denim holes, denim tears, denim printing, etc.


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