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Silicon Semiconductor Wafers Laser Marking Machine

Easy-open packaging, brought to you by our laser scoring technology

  • EU CE Certification

  • Germany OHSAS18001 Certification

  • ISO Quality Management Certification

Industrial lasers for packaging, such as the CO2 laser, give added value to a product by not only protecting it, but also making it easy to open.


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Online Easy-Open Flexible Packaging laser marking machine Feature

  • Flexible structure, the professional standards can be installed on the assembly line, easy adjustment;

  • Professional industrial laser source, faster-marking speed and consistent marking, high reliability, operated continuously in 24 hours, meet the demands of mass processing and production;

  • High electro-optic conversion efficiency, low consumption, long life, save a lot of processing costs for customers;

  • Friendly man-machine dialogue interface, easy operation, without bothering for the operators altering.

  • Laser scoring is a wonderful technique to create advanced features on flexible packaging. Together with laser perforation it lets designer conceive easy opening packages, single portioned or disposable boxes, tear-apart openings that can enrich the experience of the product.


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