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High quality plastic scrap laser cutting machine

Publish Time: Sep. 16, 2019


Laser cutting machine efficiently cuts plastic scrap

High quality plastic scrap laser cutting machine ,it is a very effience way to deal with.

The application of plastic products has been deeply rooted in every corner of society, from industrial production to clothing, food and shelter, and plastic products are everywhere. With the improvement of people's awareness of environmental protection, higher requirements have been put forward for the plastics industry, and the process of recycling and recycling of plastic products has been promoted, including the recycling and recycling of defective products and plastic nozzles. Then the problem comes.

The scrap laser cutting machine uses laser equipment to cut and remove the residual corners of the plastic products, thus ensuring the integrity of the product. The principle of the laser cutting machine is to gather the laser beam into a small spot and obtain a high power density at the beam focus, thereby causing the temperature of the material at the laser irradiation point to rise sharply, and instantaneously reach the vaporization temperature, causing evaporation and forming a hole. Laser cutting is used as a starting point. According to the shape requirements of the nozzle to be processed, the laser beam and the nozzle are moved relative to each other according to a certain running trajectory to form a slit.

PET or PVC off cut plastic scrap

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