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Laser Cutting Machine on Automotive Interiors

Laser Cutting Architectural Felt for Indoor Walls & Decor ,Acoustic wall panels


Acoustic Panels - Most likely it will require thick muffling materials such as felt

Floor Mats - Felt 

Table Top runners - Felt and Leather

Place Mats - Felt and Leather

Wall Panels - Felt and other various textiles

Dividers - Felt, Mesh, Tyvek, etc.

Wall Decoration - Felt, Tyvek, Textiles

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ACOUSTIC WALL TILES Laser cutting machine

Laser Cutting Felt for Interior Design Acoustic Wall Tiles

Laser Cutting Felt for Interior Design Acoustic Wall Tiles

Acoustic Wall Tiles are very popular product that serves several purposes.

First of all, PET FELT Tiles work extremely well to reduce echoing in the room.

Also Felt panels could be a great interior improvement bringing new colors and shapes to the area.

In general Acoustical Tiles have simple shapes and meant to be used ingroups. Variety of colors and Lego-like construction on the wall helps to create a variation of shapes.



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