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laser printing machine on food

Publish Time: Sep. 25, 2019


Food and laser technology

This series of "art bread", laser-drawn images of Jobs, Obama, Monroe, cartoons, etc., not only has a high degree of reduction, but also can cost up to $20.

laser printing machine on biscuits

At first, merchants used lasers to portray information on fruits, just to better manage the sale of goods, but now the words on the fruits such as magic beans have evolved into an expression of holiday blessing.

laser printing machine on biscuits

A piece of "flower clothes"-like seaweed is cut out of the cherry blossom, water jade, tortoise shell and other patterns by laser, which contains good wishes, good luck and longevity.

laser printing machine on biscuits

Originally using lasers to mark eggs, it is also to be more healthy, and to prevent tampering with goods, but now many businesses have opened their brains, using lasers to paint on eggs, letting eggs evolve from food to art.

laser printing machine on biscuits

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