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platinen laser cutter

Publish Time: Apr. 09, 2020


platinen laser cutter,


platinen laser cutter

The following well-known synthetic materials are used in various technical and mini-technical applications in the design of flexible printed circuit boards: Polyimide, Kapton ®, Norton ®Mylar ®

Laser processing takes place both before and after the electronic components are mounted and often in combination with other substrates such as spacer or adhesive foils.

platinen laser cutter

Investment costs reduced to a fraction

Based on mechanical swiss-made high-precision-technology we have now made this application attractive for the CO2 laser market as well.

  • Applications using the economical sealed-off CO2laser

  • Perfect cuts - no reworking!

  • Minimum oxide formation thanks to our new nozzle and exhaust concept

platinen laser cutter

  • Precision right through to the µm-range

  • Open software structure (file formats e.g. dxf, ai, pdf)

  • Perfectly accurate laser cutting, in particular for printed materials thanks to our optical recognition system

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