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cw-1310 acrylic laser cutting machine

Publish Time: Aug. 15, 2019


Today I am going to teach you how to use a laser cutting machine to make a beautiful party cake ornament with acrylic sheets.

This time we used the 9060 laser engraving machine of the Ruida control board, which is a very simple software.

First import the designed vector image into the cutting machine control software

Adjust the imported image to the size we need to cut, because at the time of design we have set the parts that need to be carved and cut into different colors. Here, we only need to set the different color areas for the parameters needed for engraving and cutting. 

Click on the layer parameters on the right to set up engraving and cutting

In the red part we want to engrave, that is, to scan the pattern on acrylic, the processing method chooses laser engraving, this is the 80w machine, the power is 30, the speed is 350, the engraving step is 0.15, the engraving is horizontal.

Then it is to be cut, the black border is what we want to cut, click on the black part, the processing method selects laser cutting, the maximum power is 55, the minimum power is 55, the speed is 18, click OK, the parameters of the engraving and cutting are set.

Go back to the homepage of the control software, click Load, name the file for your own name, click to load the current document, and successfully transfer the file we set to the control panel of the machine.

Start placing the material and determine the appropriate focal length and position.

Put the raw materials we need to cut on the honeycomb platform, press the up, down, left and right buttons on the operation panel to control the laser head to move to any position you want.

Use the lift control button on the right side of the machine to control the rise and fall of the work platform, and use the focal length of the machine to measure the bottom of the laser head to the surface of the material. The same focal length as the focal length is the correct focal length, only the focal length is correct. To ensure that the effect is the best


This step is to determine the location of the machine work, click the border button on the operation panel, the laser head will preview the working area


It is very important to determine the position and size. Pressing the positioning button on the operation panel is very important. Many people say that the machine always does not follow the area of the frame when it is working, because we forgot to position the machine. It can only start working at the previous starting position.

Now that the machine is positioned and the focal length is correct, turn on the fan. After confirming that the water circulation and the air blowing system are working properly, press the start button on the panel and the machine will start working.

The machine will scan and cut the surface of the material according to the parameters we set. We just have to wait a moment, and a beautiful acrylic cake decoration is completed. Is it very simple?

If you will use CDR or AI for a little bit of design, you have to congratulate you. With this machine, you can create countless possibilities. The following beautiful artworks are made with a cutting machine. I hope I can give you some inspiration.

--Simple cut color--

The small wooden board cuts the heart shape, and the acrylic color becomes a lovely ornament.

Small wooden board cut round, graffiti and chain, become a unique necklace

Black acrylic, transformed into a personality ring

Cute bunny cuts into a photo frame and turns into a children's room decoration.

The simple acrylic letter cuts into a beautiful scenery at the wedding.

--Advanced cut and overlay--

Multi-layer superposition after cutting, the stereo effect immediately presents

Turning into a necklace, it’s difficult to think of it.

Layered into the photo frame, a unique gift to express love

--Advanced version cutting and overlay--

The following are some professional design drawings. These artworks are valuable. If you don't design, don't be discouraged. Now the network is so developed, you can buy the design through the network.

Exotic decoration

Unique personality decoration, loved by young people who are now independent of thought.

 The above is only made of acrylic and wood. The engraving machine can also cut leather, paper, cloth, and can also engrave glass, leather, crystal and other items.

 Even with only one piece of wood and a laser machine, you can have an art studio like this, to make the most of your imagination and create endless possibilities.

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