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vision laser engraving machine

Publish Time: Mar. 11, 2022


The camera positioning laser cutting machine is equipped with one more camera than ordinary machines, which automatically finds the edge cutting lines or positioning feature points of various printing graphics.

vision laser engraving machine

When the automatic camera positioning laser cutting machine is working, after the pattern is imported into the computer through the visual recognition system, it can automatically identify and accurately and quickly locate it, and cut according to the outline of the graphic, avoiding the waste of materials and time due to inaccurate positioning.

In addition, an automatic feeding device can be selected, which has higher cutting precision, less jitter, smoother curve and finer engraving.

Let's take a look at the application industry of camera positioning laser cutting machine:

1. Clothing industry

Whether it is cutting appliqués on clothing, trademark woven labels, or cutting various appliques on wedding dresses, the Chanxan camera positioning laser cutting machine can easily do it, and accurately position and cut out any designed pattern.

2, luggage industry

vision laser engraving machine

Luggage and bags need to use trademark woven labels, fabric patches, etc., and use the camera to position the laser cutting machine, which can grab the printed trademark or designed pattern, and cut it along the edge accurately and efficiently.

3. Footwear industry

vision laser engraving machine

The camera positioning laser cutting machine is widely used in the field of shoe upper cutting. There are many styles and sizes of shoes, and printed shoe uppers are also popular nowadays. Using the camera positioning laser cutting machine, it can realize the full-width automatic identification under any typesetting of different parts and sizes of the upper, printing, insole on one processing format, and accurately and quickly cut the upper, insole, and shoe flower without opening the template. , saving time and effort, simple, fast and pollution-free.

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