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mdf mquina de corte a laser

Publish Time: Aug. 15, 2019


MDF, Medium DensityFiberboard, medium density fiberboard, which is made of wood fiber or other vegetable fiber, and is applied with urea-formaldehyde resin or other synthetic resin. The density is usually in the range of 500-880 kg/m3. The board can also be added with other suitable additives to improve the sheet properties. The thickness is generally 2-30 mm.

Medium-density fiberboard has good physical and mechanical properties and processing properties, and can be made into sheets of different thicknesses, so it is widely used in furniture manufacturing, construction, and interior decoration. Medium density fiberboard is a homogeneous porous material with good acoustic properties and is a good material for making speakers, TV casings and musical instruments. In addition, it can also be used for ships, vehicles, sports equipment, floors, wall panels, partitions, etc. instead of natural wood. It has the characteristics of low cost, simple processing, high utilization rate and more economical than natural wood.

The material characteristics of the MDF determine that it will generate a lot of dust and noise when it is machined, whether it is cutting or engraving.

The CO2 laser processing machine solves the MDF cutting problem well and reflects the following advantages:

1) High processing efficiency and no tool wear;

2) The slit is narrow, which can process more elaborate and complicated lines;

3) The amount of dust in the process is small, the processing is clean and the noise is low.


The advantages of CO2 laser in processing MDF materials have greatly expanded the use of MDF materials in furniture decoration, craft gifts, packaging and other fields. Moreover, CO2 lasers provide an infinite creative space for the processing of MDF materials. As a result, CO2 lasers have achieved full process embedding from design to production in the industry using MDF materials, making CO2 laser processing a standard processing tool in these industries!

Decorative curtain wall made by laser cutting MDF

Gift box made by cutting MDF with CO2 laser

Red wine packaging made by MDF+CO2 laser

Easy to fold and store, reusable, reject overpacking!

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