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5W Ultraviolet Laser Marking Machine CX-5Z

Super Accuracy UV Laser Marking Machine

CX laser marker series - UV laser marking also called “cold marking “ ,not need high average powers than it will not damage on many material .

 it could marking on metals, sapphire, glass, diamond, polyamides, PCBs, coatings, ITO removal, silicon wafers, ceramics, plastics, fiber, paper, polyimides, etc.

+86 18361445350

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With a Chanxan laser engraving machine, text, images and logos can be applied quickly and easily to electronic products or mobile phone covers. Personalized, high quality laser engravings not only upgrade the product itself, they also protect it from being mistaken for a similar item. Thanks to permanent markings, electronic devices can be easily identified if lost or stolen.

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Materials suitable for laser marking

  • Acrylic

  • Plastics

  • Wood

  • Textiles

  • Leather

  • Metals, e.g. anodized aluminum

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Laser engraving smartphones, tablets, laptopsLaser engraving smartphones, tablets, laptopsLaser engraving smartphones, tablets, laptopsLaser engraving smartphones, tablets, laptops

Application examples for consumer electronics products

The housings of consumer electronics products are often made of anodized aluminum or coated plastic. Electronic displays are made of acrylic and mobile phone cases typically made of wood, leather or textiles. Depending on the material, these can be marked with a CO₂ or fiber laser. During laser engraving, a varying amount of the top layer is removed- depending on the laser power level used- creating varying contrasts. It is not possible to cut anodized aluminum or metals with the laser.

Individual finishes


Security markings

Corporate branding on smartphones, tablets and laptops as well as protective cases


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