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Touch screen laser cutting of mobile phones

Publish Time: Sep. 12, 2019


With the development of mobile technology, keyboard phones have been replaced by touch screen phones. Touch screen mobile phones have become key products of different manufacturers and have a high sales volume in the market. So how does the laser cutting machine support the touch screen mobile phone industry? Let's take a look!

Touch screen laser cutting of mobile phones

1, the touch screen of the mobile phone

When you touch the phone's round button, the haptic feedback system will drive different connected devices in advance according to the program, and achieve vivid video effects through the LCD. Therefore, the cutting of the moving screen is very important. Excellent mobile phones require precise cutting, and laser cutting machines can easily solve this problem.

2, mobile phone screen protector

The mobile phone screen protector can be installed on physical objects such as the phone body and screen. It is available in various types such as anti-slip protective film, mirror protective film, AR protective film, matte protective film, HD protective film, hard coated protective film, 3D protective film, etc. Its materials include PC, PVC, PET, AR, etc.

The popularity of laser technology has provided strong technical support for the screen protection film industry. It has the advantage of cutting accuracy or cutting efficiency.

Touch screen laser cutting of mobile phones

3, mobile phone case

At the same time, laser cutting can provide advanced customization to create a uniform phone case for you.

The phone case looks beautiful, with high quality veneer, laser engraving and cutting technology. This machine can also provide advanced manual plate making and coating plate making according to customer requirements. Its style is combined with classic and stylish.

The laser cutting machine has improved the traditional production technology, making the mobile phone processing more in line with the requirements of modern standardized production. On the one hand, laser cutting can increase the value of products and reduce costs; on the other hand, laser cutting machines install automated machines to replace manual labor and build a safer and more reliable production mode.

Laser cutting technology improves the traditional production process, making mobile phone processing more in line with the needs of contemporary production standardization. On the one hand, laser cutting can enhance product creation value and reduce production cost; on the other hand, laser cutting and liberation products processing methods, using automated machinery instead of labor, to create a safer and more reliable production mode.

The advantages of laser cutting technology are:

High precision: laser cutting can be within millimeters, very fine;

The effect is good: the edge of the incision is accurate, does not melt, and does not rub the hand;

Flexibility: You can switch the phone film graphics, specifications and dimensions on your computer at will;

Safe and reliable: no toxic substances in the work process;

Easy to operate: it can be used after simple training;

Low operating costs: only a small amount of electricity is consumed, saving mold costs.

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