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tube-plate dual-purpose laser cutting machine

Publish Time: Sep. 11, 2019


tube-plate dual-purpose laser cutting machine

Advantages of tube-plate dual-purpose laser cutting machine Many metal manufacturing and processing industries in China are developing in a diversified direction. The processing needs of many enterprises are not only to cut metal sheets, but also to cut metal pipes. If companies purchase professional equipment separately, It is necessary to pay a high price, and the cost-effective domestic tube-plate dual-purpose laser cutting machine can be used in one machine, which can complete individualized and high-quality metal sheet cutting, and can also completely cut various shaped metal pipes. Can be described as a two-way, cost-effective multi-purpose equipment.


The Chanxan laser domestic tube-plate dual-purpose laser cutting machine is a laser that uses a xenon lamp as a laser source, and emits a high-energy, high-precision laser beam to interact with the workpiece to achieve cutting. For any round tube or shaped metal tube, 3D laser can be realized. Holes, round pipe dotted lines, pipe end bevel cuts, intersecting pipe ends intersecting with the circular main pipe of the circular pipe, etc., various pipe processes are cut. The tube and plate dual-purpose laser cutting machine is not limited to the shape of the pipe, and the cutting pattern. For any complex graphic cutting, it can be realized by computer control, which is easy and convenient to operate, saving time and effort.


The tube-and-plate dual-purpose laser cutting machine has a simple and elegant design and an ultra-strength steel plate, which effectively guarantees the stability and service life of the equipment. In terms of configuration, the diversified and user-friendly design makes the use more convenient. The unique upper and lower exhaust smoke evacuation system can effectively blow off the metal residue and protect the cutting performance of the equipment; the exclusive patent annealing treatment eliminates the high temperature of the equipment bed after welding, avoiding deformation and residual stress of the bed, and guaranteeing Equipment stability.


Chanxan laser cost-effective tube plate dual-purpose laser cutting machine, simple operation, precise cutting effect, and guaranteed equipment quality, has been widely used in various metal processing industries such as automobile manufacturing, kitchen utensils, lighting industry, sports equipment, machinery manufacturing.

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