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Flat Bed Laser Cutting Machine CW-1325

CW-1325 MDF CO2 laser cutting machine

1.The cutting is smooth ,fine, few material waste ,can save much cost.
2.The exhaust fan to discharge fume to get no pollution.

3.Special mechanical structure and optical structure,linear guide and advanced numerical control system to ensure the cutting of high stability 

and repeatability.

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CW cnc wood MDF plywood co2 1325 laser cutting machine


Features of 1325 laser engraving machine:

1. The super high photo-electric conversion efficiency can be up to about 30%. So the machine runs with the lowest power consumption compared to other laser cutting machines under output power. The cutting lost is the lowest. 

2. With laser beam of good quality from high power laser tube, the focus spot is super fine, and the cutting seam is very smooth. Then the efficiency can be higher, and the quality is better. 

3. The light path is totally composed of fiber laser and fiber laser units, which are combined together based on cable splicing technology. And the whole light path is enclosed in fiber laser wave guide. 

4. No laser working gas and can start cutting just by blowing air. 

5. The efficiency is very stable and reliable, and you have no need to adjust the light path. So it is easy to operate and maintain the machine. 

6. The machine costs little water and energy. And the machine requires no gas. So the running cost is lower.


Application show

(1)Wood :

wood crafting laser machines

wood laser cutting machines for sale

(2) Acrylic cut and engrave:

wood crafting laser machines

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